Presenter notre sol FIBRE RIDE PREMIUM


We are proud to supply Carpita Fibre surfaces throughout France and the rest of Europe.

Tried and tested for 10 years in the UK and used on over 2000 arenas and more than 160km of gallops. Regularly laboratory tested to ensure the highest standards and safety for equine use.

Ideal as a topper to improve an existing surface, or as a low-maintenance full-fibre surface.

-Shock absorbing
-Haute performance
-Faible entretien
-Will not freeze
-Improves deep surfaces
-Improves hard surfaces
-stable underfoot – even for high jumps
-helps with drainage
-rejuvenates sand surfaces
-ideal for arenas, menages, lunge pens and gallops


“We had a delivery of Carpita fibre about 3 years ago now and it still rides beautifully. Even with the recent icy weather it remained rideable. Very little maintenance needed. Highly recommended”

TYPICAL PRICING (delivery to northern departments)

60x20m 5cm topper = 2300 € ht delivery included

60x20m full surface = 9700 € ht delivery included


We deliver promptly with articulated lorries. Loads can be split, for customers close to each other wishing to save costs – please enquire!

The fibre is delivered loose, directly into the arena where access allows.


The surface is easy to lay, you simply need to spread the fibre evenly across the surface, dampen it (if possible) and roll it with a heavy roller. You can ride on it straight away but we advise not lunging or jumping for 10-15 days whilst the surface settles and tightens.


The surface requires very little maintenance. We advise occasional rolling with a heavy roller. Watering in the summer once or twice per week normally suffices depending on the weather conditions. Moisture from rain/watering is retained in the surface which reduces dust when compared to sand.


call/SMS/Whatsapp: +33 06 02 38 41 36
email: info@fibreride.eu
quote request form: https://fr.fibreride.eu/request-a-quote/

website: www.fibreride.eu

Presenter notre sol FIBRE RIDE PREMIUM
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